Cats for whom we have found a new home

We think you will enjoy finding out about the happy endings for the cats we foster. 

Gorgeous tortie half-sisters Oscar and Bailey (new names Maisie and Millie) are going to enjoy lots of strokes and cuddles with their new family. 

Handsome Mr Purrs, a large cuddly cat, is going to be very happy in his special new home.

Friendly boy Ginger Kevin, is going to make his new family very happy. 

Cheeky young Aurther is going to love the company of his new family.

Lovely Oliver, who was looking for a special new home where he can be an indoor cat, is happy to say that his dream has come true. 

Friendly young Romano is settling into his lovely new home.  

Lovely boy Marcel, is going to love being pampered in his new home.