Cats for whom we have found a new home

We think you will enjoy finding out about the happy endings for the cats we foster. 

Sweet Rosie is going to have a lovely time with her new family. 

Gorgeous oldies Rocky and Mimi have gone to a new home where they can enjoy a snooze on a nice comfy sofa.

Beautiful ginger and white sisters Amber and Angel are going to bring so much happiness to their new family. 

Handsome lad Toffee is going to have lots of fun with his new family. 

Lovely boy Fergal, who became pretty famous while he was with us, has gone to a great new home where he can have a more relaxing life.

Young Whistler is settling into his new home where he's going to have a lovely life with his new family.

It's super news that sweet Mimi has gone off to her lovely new home.