Cats Protection believes that having your cat neutered is an essential part of responsible cat ownership. Neutering is a surgical procedure which prevents female cats becoming pregnant and male cats making females pregnant. Just like humans, cats begin puberty at various ages, but it's sometimes a surprise to owners of cats that this can be as young as four months of age. Would you believe, one cat and its offspring can potentially be responsible for producing 20,000 kittens within 5 years! 

So what does neutering entail? 

A female cat is spayed (her ovaries and uterus are removed).

A male cat is castrated (his testes are removed).

Cats Protection recommends the neutering of domestic cats from four months of age, but you should seek advice from your vet for each individual cat. Neutering has many health benefits, as well as helping to reduce the number of unwanted cats in the UK.  

The Chiltern Branch can help with subsidised neutering for people on low incomes or means tested benefits. We can also help with multi cat households and feral colonies. Details of the scheme are at

If you have an enquiry, please call our Neutering Officer, Elaine, on 01296 433992.